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Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers within 4-6 pages for technical and peer review, including all figures, tables, references, etc. Papers exceed 6 pages will be charged additional fees for publication.

All papers accepted by EEBDA 2024 should be written in English. No Chinese characters are allowed in tables, figures, and pictures.

> Dual-Blind Peer Review

All papers will be dual-blind reviewed by 3 reviewers in related fields and only can be accepted after the rigorous modification with response letter.
Full Papers are evaluated against the following criteria:
1. The title, abstract and keywords must accurately reflect the paper’s contents.
2. The research must conform to the theme of conference.
3. The research methodology must be sound logically.
4. The paper must be well-structured and clearly written.
5. References must be relevant and accurate.

> Notes

1. Papers submitted should follow the format requirements before publication. Please download the Format Template to modify your paper.
2. No more than 10 pages under Template format, even though additional fees have been charged.
3. Paper submitted to EEBDA must not be published elsewhere, or submitted to any other organization for publication purpose before the notification date of this conference.

> Submit Your Paper

Method 1: Please submit your full paper via Electronic Subumission System.

Method 2: Or submit your full paper to

> Dual Submissions

By submitting a manuscript to EEBDA 2024, the authors assert that it has not been previously published in substantially similar form. Furthermore, no paper which contains significant overlap with the contributions of this paper either has been or will be submitted during the EEBDA 2024 review period to either a journal or a conference. If there are any papers that may appear to the reviewers to violate this condition, then it is your responsibility to (1) cite these papers (preserving anonymity as well), (2) argue in the body of your paper why your EEBDA paper is nontrivially different from these concurrent submissions, or (3) include anonymized versions of those papers in the supplemental material.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:

Notification of Acceptance:

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